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Weekly shipping from the Continental USA. Shipping via sea and air to all the Caribbean Islands

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Caribbean Shipping Service - shipping barrels and crates to the Caribbean

Domestic Transportation & Distribution Company. Family owned and operated since --- .

SERVICES WE OFFER - - We can receive, store, consolidate and redistribute shipments for our clients.

- We sell empty barrels / boxes / shipping supplies.

- We provide packing & crating services (Re-packing, shrink-wrapping, banding, and crating services).

- We offer pickup and delivery services.

- We also handle the receiving and scheduling of customer pickup orders.

- We can handle and load commercial cargo trucks and containers – Trailer loads and less then Trailer load (on and off site)

- We can store shipments for short periods.

- We provide off site estimates to customers for our clients.

- We offer shipping referrals through one of our client's US shipping network.

- We offer Money Transfer Services.


Nashville: 615-262-5021
Atlanta: 770-469-6688
Huntsville: 256-533-6881

For a low shipping fee you can have a jumbo barrel shipped to Guyana

If you would like to ship your items by packing them in boxes, then the cost is lower  per cubic feet.

You can now pay us via paypal